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A good site to remind us of the good previous days, as well as party travel was once. They reported it would get better but who can overlook the silver assistance of Pan Am and Braniff Intercontinental. Didn’t take place.

I'd increase thet Countrywide Airways have been not only the first airline using an all jet driven fleet, it had been also the main U.S. airline to fly jets on domestic routes. It flew from JFK to MIA that has a leased Pan Am 707.

To help make this Portion of an extended story limited, Broward County voted to begin design of FLL instantly. I don’t know the 12 months of the first flight out of FLL but the Tale takes A further change. Sometime in the sixty’s, the Colonel offered the airline to Jap who preferred Mackey’s Bahamian routes. Awhile following that, Colonel Mackey started Mackey Worldwide Airways. I don’t know the exact yr on these but it really’s legitimate. I used to be born in FLL and was sitting down in File/A ground college in 1979 when an getting old Colonel Mackey told that story to our File/A category.

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an short article appeared in an Ohare personnel newspaper, (possibly one of the Chicago newspapers), a couple of flight on North Central Airways crewed by an all female crew. The article included a photo of the captain and the 1st officer, both of those woman, seated during the cockpit. You could need to research.

On the other hand, cataloging the a huge selection of failed commuter Airways could tax even the capabilities of the online market my blog place.

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The multicolored planes experienced just been introduced. Endeavoring to calm him I requested “Did you no less than fly on a fairly coloured plane?” His disgusted reply, “It absolutely was newborn-shit yellow.”

Bad, benighted Stockton. I’m fearful that if you’ve been down so long as Stockton has, you’re Determined enough to be foolish.

Wow, good stories, even if brief. Humorous, I’ve worked for 2 carriers within this listing plus they ended up amazing Airways – absolutely nothing like what’s on the market right now!!

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Absolutely sure are a bunch of them aren’t there. I was with Jap from 64 till its demise. Any news these days about its restart?

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